Our approaches

We have a special approach to cooperation. We do not passively expect to make a profit. We do business together with customers. This is our credo.

Our investment destinations are Brazilian and South African companies, and we are also investing in expansion into the US and European countries.

In investments, we successfully implement strategic initiatives designed for medium and long periods. We share any of our results or achievements with our partners.

Our principles

We share responsibility with our partners

We constantly work together both with clients and with each portfolio company. Our advisory services share their successful cases with them.

We believe in sustainable development

One of the main areas of our activity is cooperation with companies whose activities are effective in terms of social and environmental projects.

Our priority is working with people

We always take into account the personal factor in our work and pay attention to bright, extraordinary personalities in business with whom cooperation should be developed.

We have an international mindset

We are registered in Brazil, but we cooperate with business representatives in many countries and contribute to the promotion of business in international markets.

How we help clients?

Our areas of assistance:

• Developing ideas and formatting business plans;

• Analysis of market potentials and opportunities for expansion;

• Development of business projects from idea to implementation;

• Financing the formation and growth of the company;

• Development of a business strategy that ensures success in the long term;

• Assistance in project management based on best management practices;

• Expanding business in Latin America, Africa, North America and Europe through collaboration with IEC;

• Search for new markets and business opportunities.

Our assistance to the client's business is based on market methods, advanced competent management, modern methods of analysis and carefully considered strategic initiatives.

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