Our activities

We are engaged in venture and seed financing of highly effective, high-potential entrepreneurial activities, the level of impact of which is quite high.

Our methods combine:

• Profitability;

• Flexibility;

• Focus on results;

• Achieving transparency in cooperation.

We are supporters of the immediate introduction to the market of goods and service products, if they are potentially successful. Therefore, we are distinguished by speed in decision-making. In the process of our work, ethical norms accepted in business are observed, our management standards always remain high, which contributes to safe and transparent financing.

The investment policy of GRID is aimed at supporting the following categories of entrepreneurship:

• Startups, innovations, ideas with significant potential in the market;

• A business that has a significant entry barrier, whose rights are exclusive and based on a patent system;

• Innovative products, services or business models;

• Enterprises with high opportunities for growth and development in the medium or long term;

• Expansion internationally.

We offer partnerships to entrepreneurs who are qualified and looking to expand their business as much as possible. We support activities that change the world.

Investment areas that GRID deals with:

• High tech;

• Social business;

• Renewable resources and environmentally friendly energy sources;

• Healthcare;

• Finance, distribution, operations related to logistics;

• Food supply and agricultural business.

We have our own analytical and investment structures and we offer cooperation to all business entities that meet our criteria. If you need such a partnership, please contact us.


Vincent Boutens

This entrepreneur is from Belgium, but his career growth took place in international companies, where his activities were related to finance, commerce and administration. In 2001, he co-founded Pylos, which specializes in investing in commercial real estate. Currently, this company is present in the markets of Europe and Latin America. Its market value exceeds 700.000.000 EUR. At home, Vincent Boutens holds a degree in economics and law.

Daniel Ibri

Born in Brazil, Daniel Ibri has been on the staff of an international consulting firm for a number of years, managing strategic projects and business planning in various countries. He also has experience in teaching among the staff of various corporations and students of higher educational institutions. He has several degrees in business administration.

John Baeyens

John Bayens' career began in 1994 when he and his associates founded PING, the first Belgian ISP. He then worked as a director of several companies in Europe doing business in the telecommunications sector. He is an investor in many successful startups. In 1999, he founded the investment company NeoGroup. Since 2006 he has been investing in real estate in Africa and Latin America.

At home, in Belgium, John Bayens was awarded a degree in economics. EVCA certified.

Goals and priorities

The mission of GRID Investments is to help businesses. We operate by actively participating in management processes, as well as through investments based on broad partnerships. Our methods are determined by the requirements of ethics and transparency of economic relations.

GRID Activity Priorities:

• Entrepreneurial activity;

• Compliance with ethical standards;

• Social activity;

• Environmental friendliness;

• Transparent business;

• Investment in human capital.